Frequently Asked Questions


Let’s go through each component of a Profile:

Job Title – Under Settings, type in one of the following job titles that most accurately describes your Skill Level, and add your Main Trade (ie. Electrical)

                       Helper                                      Master

                       Junior Mechanic                     Foreman

                       Mechanic                                 Superintendent

                       Journeyman                             Project Manager          

Location – Under Settings, add your home zip code and work area to find jobs within your criteria

Years of Experience – Add the number of years of experience you have in your Main Trade. Your Main Trade is the trade in which you have the most experience. For example, if you’re a Carpenter who has some experience in electrical and plumbing work, you’d choose Carpenter.

Skills – Click edit to check off typical Skills for your Main Trade. Your Main Trade is the trade in which you have the most experience. See Years of Experience section above.

If you are at helper or junior mechanic level, add tasks that you’ve done for at least 1 year.

If you are at mechanic level,journeyman, master or foreman, add tasks that you can perform with NO supervision.

Have other skills you want to add? No problem. Select “Request to Add Skills” and type other skills you have.

Verify Skills - Click on Verify Skills and select your Skill Level for each Skill you've added.

Qualifications – Add any licenses, certifications, trade school programs that you have completed. If you want to add Qualifications that aren’t listed, select “Other” and type in other qualifications you have.

Portfolio Photo – Select photos that best represent the quality and breadth/range of your work.

For the first 3 photos, select photos that represent your highest quality work. Which photos give you the most pride?

For the remaining photo slots, add photos that show the variety of your work.

Submit photos for Equip approval. The more “high-quality”photos you have approved by Equip, the higher your Profile Completeness.

Job History – For each job, enter the requested information:

  • Name of company
  • Your title when you worked there
  • Your start and end date. Enter Present for end date if you currently work there
  • Location of company that you worked for
  • Job Description - Write short bulleted descriptions of tasks that you completed for the job. List the highest-impact tasks at the top of list.

In writing job descriptions consider these:

  • What tasks did you complete that stand out from others?
  • What value did you bring to the construction site and the project build-out?
  • What was the size and type (residential/commercial/industrial) of the projects?

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How do we determine profile completeness?

We compare your profile to other profiles on our platform to determine what information is missing and to rank your profile against other completed profiles. Complete your Profile to move up in the ranks and match to more jobs. The order of importance of each Profile component is as follows:

  • Job History
  • Skills and Skill Level for each Skill
  • Qualifications
  • Portfolio Photos
  • Job Title
  • Years of Experience
  • Location