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Hire vetted trades near you.

With Equip you get local, vetted candidates for full-time, part-time, and subcontract opportunities. Equip was built by and for Construction Pros to help you grow. We’re your tool to get more work done.
Full-service recruiting at
a fair price. And with a 90-day guarantee you've got nothing to lose.
Your time is valuable. Let us do all the messy work. We only send you candidates worth interviewing.
Reach beyond generic job boards and tap into Equip’s network. No more missing resumes, no more missed interviews.
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How it works

Equip makes hiring simple.

1) Describe your 

With Equip, you tell us what you need in a hire. Since we come from construction, we know the right questions to ask and won't waste your time.

2) Invite Matches
to Interview

Equip gives you vetted matches, so no more sorting through missing or incomplete resumes. View applicant profiles with key information all in one place, including certifications, work history, ratings, and photos of prior work. Invite the best matches for an interview.

3) Hire and Get
Back to Building

We're here to help along the way, but you're always in control. You negotiate pay directly with the candidates and finalize the details.


All applicants are pre-screened


Equip is free to use, for workers, subs, and contractors


Tap into over 10,000 local construction pros

This is game changing. Me and my buddies pool our resources for when we have too little or too much work, but it's a pain. This takes what used to be a mess of text messages and reply-alls to a dead simple app to get the job done.

John P.

JFP's Plaster and Painting

Since we only get screened candidates, it saves us a lot of time. We get better quality and don't have to look through a few dozen really bad applications.

Amy R.

Karuchek Remodeling

Looking for vetted tradesmen in the New York City area?

We're building a network for skilled construction professionals to help you get more work done. If you're looking for skilled workers, get started and request access above!

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