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Top NYC area contractors & developers apply to you.

No resumes, no cover letters, no more B.S. - just a streamlined way to connect you with the right employer faster. Equip makes finding great jobs, simple.
Get Transparent Offers
Compare requests from pre-vetted contractors & developers, including pay and information about the company.
Fill Downtime, Find Full-time
Want to earn extra money? Get contract offers. Or take the next step in your career with full-time opportunities. 
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Equip is free for applicants. You’re always in control, and we’re here to help along the way.
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How it works

Equip makes finding great construction jobs, simple.


Create your free profile.
Get great matches.

With Equip, onboard just once, and - as you gain experience, skills, and certifications - your profile grows with you. It takes a few steps, but it will make sure we find jobs that fit your skills and preferences.

  • Showcase your skills, licensing, and certifications.
  • Customize your profile with portfolios of your best projects.
  • Your profile is always hidden from past and current employers.

Companies apply to you.

Once you are approved, we'll promote your profile to employers. When our platform sees a potentially good fit, that employer will see you in their matches and can request an interview

  • No applications, no cover letters, no b.s.
  • When companies reach out, they will come with a job description and pay range up front.
  • You’ll only hear from employers that match well with you.

Choose, interview, and get hired

Compare interview requests side by side and connect with the ones that best match your career goals and interests.

  • Communicate securely and conveniently in one place.
  • Compare offers from different contractors.
  • For short-term jobs, review and rate the contractor and they'll do the same.

All applicants are pre-screened


Equip is free to use, for workers, subs, and contractors


Tap into over 10,000 local construction pros

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